Mark's coursework

Here is a list of courses (taken at University of Calgary) for which I have notes and homework solutions typed up in LaTeX.

Most of these course notes were “live-TeXed”, meaning that I typed them up on my laptop during the lectures. I make no guarantee of their accuracy; there probably are many typos and other mathematical errors.

I also make no guarantee on the correctness of my solutions to the problems.

Quantum Information Theory

MATH 667 taught by Gilad Gour, Winter Semester 2016.

Complex Analysis

MATH 621, taught by Alex Brudnyi, Fall Semester 2014.

Algebra IV

PMAT 617, taught by Clifton Cunningham, Winter Semester 2014.

Functional Analysis

AMAT 617, taught by Gilad Gour, Winter Semester 2014.