MATH 271: Discrete Mathematics (Summer 2016)

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary

Course information

This is the webpage for MATH 271 taught during the 2016 Summer term. We will use the following textbook for the course: Discrete Mathematics with Applications, 4th edition, by Susanna Epp.

Course information (Note: the office is incorrectly listed on this document. My office is located at MS 336.)

Instructor: Mark Girard

Schedule: tentative schedule

Time and Location:

  • Lectures: MWF 10:00-11:50 in SA 106
  • Office hours: MWF 9:00-9:50 in MS 336.
  • Labs/tutorials. Times: MW 12:00-12:50 and TR 10:00-10:50.
    • Lab section 1. Room: MS 217. TA: Zachary Moyer.
    • Lab section 2. Room: MS 211. TA: Sumin Leem.

Practice problems

Week 1July 11solutions
Week 2July 18solutions
Week 3July 25solutions
Week 4Aug 1solutions
Week 5Aug 8solutions
Week 6Aug 15solutions
Week 6 - Graph theory problemsAug 15solutions


Assignments are due at 10:00am on the due date. Hand your solutions in to your TA by the beginning of lab.

 Due dateSolutions
Assignment 1July 19solutions
Assignment 2July 26solutions
Assignment 3August 9solutions
Assignment 4August 16solutions


Quiz 1July 14Statements and negation (for all, exists, if-then, converse, contrapositive), even/odd integers, divisibility, direct proofssolutions
Quiz 2July 21Proof by contradiction, rational and irrational numbers, gcd (Euclidean algorithm), inductionsolutions
Quiz 3July 28Strong induction, sets (element method)solutions
Quiz 4August 11Counting (permutations, combinations, inclusion/exclusion principle) and functions (one-to-one, onto, function composition)solutions


The midterm will be on Friday August 5, in class (during the lecture period) from 10:00-11:50am.

The midterm will cover all of the course material up to section 9.3.

Previous midterms (solutions will be posted a few days before the midterm date)

Update Here is the midterm and solutions.


The the final exam will be on Friday, August 19 at 8:00am in room ES 162.

The exam will cover all of the course material (up to section 10.2). Here is a list of study topics for the final exam for your studying.

Previous final exams and solutions for you to practice can be found here: