Mark Girard

About me

I earned a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Calgary (2017), where I researched applications of convex analysis to quantum information theory (specifically entanglement theory) under the supervision of Gilad Gour. Afterward I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo (2017-2020) under the supervision of John Watrous.

I enjoy mathematical challenges!

Outside of mathematics, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, homebrewing beer, tabletop games, and various outdoor activities (hiking, camping, climbing, skiing, snowshoeing).


My research interests lie with solving mathematical problems motivated by questions in quantum information theory. I primarily make use of convex analysis, convex optimization, linear algebra, matrix analysis, and operator algebras to tackle questions related to the theory of quantum entanglement.

See a list of my publications here and more details of my research here.


  • Teaching I’ve taught numerous courses during my time as an academic.

  • Lecture notes and problem solutions TeX’ed up lecture notes and solutions to problem sets of the courses that I took during my graduate studies. You can see the list of courses here.

  • Riddlers I have recently gotten into solving 538’s Riddlers and started compiling my solutions here.